Simien Mountain Treks

Come trek the Simien mountains!

The Simien mountains are one of Ethiopia's national treasures. At 3500ft, they provide beautiful 360 degree scenery for tourists who enjoy hiking. I'm Ginbie (more about me below!) and I've lived here all my life and shown countless people around. I'd love to take you on the trip of a lifetime and show you all the natural beauty that the Simiens have to offer.

I provide:

  • Hotel reservations
  • Cars to and from airports and surface transports for those who want to drive across the natural and historical sites
  • Guides
  • Professional cooks and cooking ingredients
  • Camping tools: tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags (I recommend bringing yours if you can)
  • Tables and chairs on the mountain trek
  • Riding and pack animals while you are trekking
  • Mule keepers
  • Flight bookings


I offer customized tours that suit your schedule from one to ten days. Here is a typical five-day itinirary:

Day 1

Drive from Gondar to the first campsite (Sankaber) in the Simien Mountains national park (2:30 hrs drive, 2-3 hrs). Camping at Sankaber (3250 m).

Day 2

Walk to the second campsite, Gich. On the way, see the Jinbahir waterfall (450-500m). Five to six hours walk, camping at 3600m.

Day 3

Acclimatization day and walking around Gich, mainly to see the three most spectacular view points (Imet Gogo, Seha, Kedadit). Four hours walk, Camping at Gich again.

Day 4

Walk from Gich to Chenek, through a mountain peak Inatye (4070m). Six to seven hours walk including break. Camping at 3600m.

Day 5

Climb up 800m to reach one of the highest mountain peaks in the Simien Mountains, Buwahit (4430m) and back down to Chenek. It takes five to six hours for both ways, and then drive back to Gondar.

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Contact Ginbie

P: +251 946 97 30 05

Your guide

My name is Ginbie Abebe. I am an official tour guide for the Simien mountains national park. I grew up right here in Debark and I have worked for the national park as independent tour guide in the mountains for the last 5 years. Before this, I studied and graduated from Gondar university in geography and then worked as a teacher for three years. I've lead many treks with people from all over the world! Among other things, I am trained on and am knowledgeable about the following:

  • Birds
  • Mamals
  • Plants
  • Trekking arrangements
  • Ethiopian history
  • Guiding techniques
  • First aid
  • I take customer service very seriously but my clients tell me that I have a good sense of humor as well! I love to show visitors the spectacular scenery of my home and to provide answers to questions about our endemic species and about Ethiopia in general.

    Aside from being a tour guide, I am also a runner and I have competed in Ethiopia for 6 years. I've won 12km and 21km (half marathon) races many times in Gondar, Bahirdar and Addis Ababa. I want to go to a much higher level of running than I am right now. I dedicate a lot of my time to becoming a faster runner when I am not running (no pun intended) my business. I am currently training with a small running club here in the Simien mountains.


    What will I be eating each day?

    You have your own personal chef and can make food requests for the trip! Expect eggs for breakfast and a 3 course meal for dinner... everything from lamb to pasta and homemade soup.

    How far will I be walking each day?

    This depends on your level of fitness but we aim to do about 6-8 hours of walking a day (up to 8 miles), depending on your level of fitness.


    “We went on a two-day trek in the Simien mountains with Ginbie in mid-May 2016. This was an amazing experience. The mountains and scenery are spectacular, with breath taking views over vast gorges extending to the horizon. This is beautiful unspoiled scenery in a lovely climate. This is nature at its best. There is plenty of wild life to be seen, with large numbers of Baboons, Klipspringers and large birds, in addition to colourful shrubs and plants. It was a unique experience to spend a night at the mountain camp site and chatting around a camp fire under the stars after dark. Food tastes very special in that setting. Ginbie organised the trek very smoothly. His knowledge and explanations made for a very enjoyable trek. In particular, he and the scout helped us quite a lot when we had a bit of difficulty due to not being adequately prepared for the altitude. This is greatly appreciated. We are grateful for this wonderful experience and wish Ginbie’s company every success!

    Noel (Ireland)

    "I visited the Simien mountains in November 2015 and had the trip of a lifetime! The mountains were beautiful and Ginbe helped to make the trip fun and informative. Ginbe went beyond the call of duty when I had some issues with another agent and I will always be grateful to him for that! I thoroughly recommend booking a trip now - whatever your level of fitness, the hike is not to be missed."

    Lucinda (UK)

    "My wife & I just returned from 9 days trekking in the Simien Moutains with Ginbie's company. Ginbie is a great guide, entirely trustworthy & very experienced. Our team of Scout, cook, cook's assistant & mule driver (plus mule-named tucka!) were all excellent. We were made comfortable at all times & the food was excellent. We saw Gelada Baboons, Wallia Ibex & Klipspringer en route and of course many birds. Wonderful! The sections of the walk that follow the edge of the escarpment & the 2,000 metre cliffs are spectacular. Other highlights were the climb of Ras Dejen (4,800m +) and visiting the JICA Project at Ambaras village where we were shown Injera making, Coffee ceremony & Beer making. We can honestly recommend Ginbie's company to you without reservation."

    John (UK) & Chie (Japan)

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